Shout-Out and Mail Call #72 - Envelopes

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Episode #72 in a weekly series dedicated to Mail Call Openings and Shout Outs to fellow Coin Roll Hunters and Treasure Seekers!
We are trying a newer, condensed format and I hope everybody still finds it enjoyable! We had 23 MORE packages from 15 senders this episode!

The coin roll hunting and silver stacking community is so generous, helpful and kind - I am so fortunate to have the support I do. Thank you to everyone who watches my channel and for those of you who will become coin collectors in the future!

A sincere thanks to Logan, Dayron, Barend, Julian Collects, JD Lauan, Garrett, Silver Seeker, Minnesota Stacking, AJ's Coin Show, Aiden, Gage, VDB Coin Roll King, John Oof Koins, Big Mill Hunts Silver, and the Mystery Package Sender (Panda)!

Delicious Panda:

Silver Seeker:

Big Mill Hunts Silver:

John Oof Koins:

Julian Collects:

AJs Coin Show:

VDB Coin Roll King:

Minnesota Stacking:

FYI - Thanks to everyone who supports my channel without channel content yet or those I could not find their channel info for!

Thanks for watching!
If you'd like to send me something, here's my address:

Rob Finds Treasure
P.O. Box 5565
Frisco, TX 75035

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